How far

100_5122My husband and I have talked about where kids can go on their own before and depending on where you live I know it’s different. I remember exploring outside everyday when I was little and I think when I was a little older I rode my bike almost a mile one way or the other on our street. Playing outside is important and it’s a shame that we have restrictions but it’s the society we live in I guess. One thing I enjoy is going to a nearby park (which is in the woods) and there’s so much to explore in open and wooded areas. There aren’t the cars to worry about or people driving up to take your kids I guess. That sounds so awful but that’s what I usually think of course. Mothers have that worst case scenario down don’t we?


End of summer

Our last weekend of su100_5158mmer is over. It is raining now and darker. The Halloween decorations are going up.

Up until last summer we had Melody convinced that the ice cream truck was in fact a music truck. Someone spilled it the end of last summer and then she has been waiting for it to come down our street when we have cash.

And just like summer it is gone away and we are a little sad.



buck3 This is my new blog. It will contain everything my other blog did minus a little bit of the artwork. I am working on a new site for my art, photography and writing.  Is that confusing? Maybe it is but I will do personal blogging and magical-related witchy crafty stuff here still.