New Year

October 3, 2009

cakeFor some reason this year I feel like my birthday is a new year. The Celtic new year is technically Oct. 31, however I never really feel like it is because our calendar doesn’t reflect that.

It turned abruptly cold and fall-like after summer weather and then I turned 35 this week. This isn’t old at all. I am not saying that 40 is old either. It isn’t even halfway through my life as far as I plan. I have so much time to accomplish things.

This year I realized that I have five years to get a few things done, however. To me 40 represents true adulthood I guess and I should have a few things figured out or accomplished by then. What those things are I don’t know for sure but I know that I planned to get married and have children – check, have a house and live in Wa. – check, do freelance writing – check but haven’t done that lately because I don’t want to and probably have a dog- check. I also have my health, spirituality, chickens and gardening, cooking with our own produce and more but I also need to publish at least one book. I say this as if it’s going to be easy and it isn’t. I used to think I would write novels when I got older. I have never written a novel. I wrote a play in high school and then majored in journalism and worked for a newspaper. This type of writing has always been very easy for me. I am really good at getting people to tell me things but have had a few issues with “off the record” and “we’re friends right?” sort of situations. I started a novel because that seems to be something I should be able to do. I was really getting into it and now  it is stalled. I can write pagan books with the rituals and observances that I have been doing for years. I read one book that is similar and decided to procrastinate even more because there is something similar out there. In fact this book is not very similar to mine so I should finish mine up and send it off. This is just something that hasn’t been done.

There were times I wanted to do photography and pictured  myself (ha ha!) in a darkroom developing film. Now that seems so old fashioned and strange. I like fine art photography now and painting and doing mixed media. I would like to make more art and sell it. This goal is sort of wrapped up into one but I see it as slightly separate.

While making mixed media pieces and collages and then posting them on Etsy last year I got frustrated because they wouldn’t sell. The amount of wonderful artwork on Etsy is so huge that I realized even if any of it was to be sold it is still difficult and I don’t have enough work in total to show anyone or offer for sale. When I finish something I intend to sell I will list it and I usually don’t sell it.  I continue to work on and on because it feels right. I am not driven by selling it but by creating it and having enough pieces together that I could show them somewhere even if it’s on my own walls.

The thinning of the veil is talked about at this time of year and it’s very true. The spirit world is closer now than before.  Last year this was very evident with things that happened.This year so far that is also occuring already. The thining veil is what I thought about when I read my note from the universe in my inbox for my birthday.

“Amy, you are so AWESOME! For your birthday, friends and angels from every corner of the Universe, including buddies you didn’t know you had, will be with you to wish you the HAPPIEST of days and an exciting new year in time and space. You won’t be alone!

PS – Amy, this is going to be YOUR year!!

Ok so it’s probably just computer generated and everyone gets the same note on their birthday but I actually believe it this year!

I once had a psychic tell me that I have many friends on the other side and that aren’t friends from this life. I like to think of them as my entourage of sorts cheering me on before I finish my job here. 🙂


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