Symbols_Masonic_collage_240x359We went to Pagan Pride this year and though the event itself was sort of disappointing the building it was housed in was interesting to explore. It was held in the Masonic lodge but we were only using two of the floors. The top floor Melody of course wanted to go and see.  I kept getting lost because I would want to see where this staircase went to or that little door! When we went upstairs there was a glass display case for Rainbow Girls with tiaras and rainbow tiaras. I had to explain what they were to Melody.

Several years ago my sister and I thought it would be cool to join Eastern Star since my grandpa was a Mason and thus we were eligible. Upon looking into this however we were upset to find very old women who had to make their own taffeta blue gowns to wear at events. So no secrMASONS09XX+3MASONS09XXet society for us.

While we were upstairs we looked at the meeting room and I had never  been in one before so it was interesting. They have pillars with balls on top and then seats set as thrones similar to a courtroom. I guess their meetings are also rituals or maybe I am wrong on that. The whole thing is very interesting minus the part about adhering to the Holy Bible. The photo I found here was of a very fancy room and the one we were in was very old and not as exciting looking.

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