cemeteryLocal cemeteries are of course home to the dead and in our case not home to people we know. There are different feelings at all of the cemeteries in my opinion. Last year we went to a pioneer cemetery and there were tons of orbs showing up all over all the photos when my camera actually worked. I didn’t believe the orbs were energy until that day. Not all orbs are energy either I think. So last year we did a Buddhist ceremony courtesy of my husband under a tree. We sharedcemetery flowers incense with a woman named Olive and then went about our way. I don’t think we stirred anything up at this cemetery at all I just think the things that happened afterward were because of the seasonal shift.

After we went to the botanical garden this weekend we went by a different cemetery and Melody gave one of the deceased a flower. She also skipped around saying, “I love cemeteries!” There are often graves that have no stones and little decor on the headstone and those are the ones that I sometimes leave a flower or something for.


3 thoughts on “Cemeteries

  1. I lost track of you – I have been away for a while – too much real life interferring with my online life – but I went to look for you and your blog was gone – really glad I found you – hope all is well with you!!! i have alot to catch up with!! take care

  2. As I told you last year (I remember that post, time flies!), I don’t like cemeteries, but here they are usually cement-based and no green around like the ones you have in your country. These are lovely, no wonder why Melody likes them!

    Kisses from us.

    PS: I loved your new blog layout, but I freaked out when I clicked on my old link to yours and found something totally different. Then I went to your comment (thank you!) and took the new address! :o) And about the migraines, my brand-new form of TMP, I’ll start using/trying a homeophaty, I hope it works… thanks for the concern!)

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