I thought I would try to dry some chrysanthemums I pulled out of the compost at the botanical gardens. I found a place to hang them yesterday. They were in a little sunlight too and I thought they looked pretty. There were reflective orbs of light too which I thought were a lovely touch from the sun.

I think that mums and marigolds are similar flowers to celebrate the Day of the Dead. The bright colors of the marigolds and their fragrance is believed to “attract the souls and draw them back.”

Fresh flowers remind us of the impermanence of life.


5 thoughts on “Chrysanthemums

  1. Love the flowers and your collages. They are fun, thoughtfully put together and very colorful. Amy if you look at my older posts on my blog I have several color pencil drawing. I love doing color pencil too.

  2. Linked to here from Milliande’s group 🙂 You have a wonderful Blog and your photography is inspiring!! I really had to giggle at the images of the flowers hangng upside down. Somehow it struck me as being hugely funny 🙂

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