Vase of death

vaseThere are a lot of flowers when dried or dead are still pretty. I collected some and then put them in a used votive candle jar. I had a scrapbook paper for Halloween that I wrapped around it and taped. The skull and crossbones I used from a piece of loteria fabric.

After seeing this Melody realized that was also the sign for poison and so we had a discussion about that too. Some of the berries are poisonous I know that I collected. I keep it up high so it can’t be touched and if they dry and fall they wont fall on the floor. I may put it upstairs now that I think about it.

4 thoughts on “Vase of death

  1. that is an awesome concept, to use dried “deadhead” flowers and twigs (and I can see myself adding wild rosehips, etc).
    An excellent, natural symbol of the season, and leads to contemplation of the deeper Spiritual side of things too!

    You’ve just inspired my newest altar decoration. Thanks!

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