Haunted village

witch hat houseI thought this year was going to be quiet and peaceful for Samhain. Things are not flying off the walls but there is a spirit or spirits that have decided to speak through my Halloween village. He is using one house that is plugged in and turned on, or was. I haven’t been turning the village on lately.

The first time I don’t know what was said but there was the house on and my husband and I both heard someone talk. It was a man’s voice and I listened for it again but didn’t hear anything. Several days later I had the houses on and thought I heard something. I walked over to the house and then listened to hear, “don’t drop the ball.” I have no idea what this means but I listened for 5 minutes as the house sounds repeated over and over again and there were no voices at all on the sounds that are recorded on the house and play over and over in a loop.

There is nothing to be scared of and I don’t think it’s something bad that there is a spirit talking through the electrical haunted houses but it’s still kind of scary at night!

I will cleanse the house and then my circle sisters will help me do a little extra cleansing this weekend. I have sage and lavender and four thieves vinegar so I am ready to go. I also plan to burn some copal and frankincense. It’s good to clear out the energies in your home every so often whether there’s a spirit there or not I think.


One thought on “Haunted village

  1. Yes, I agree, at least once a moth I do a cleansing ritual at home, wherever I am! Better safe… I hope your ritual works out fine and this spirit finds his place away from yours!

    Kisses from us.

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