The End

cupcakesThe downtown trick or treating was Friday night instead of Saturday. This was good and bad. It was bad because my circle and everyone was going to go together up and down the street with the kids but instead my husband took off work and went with me and the girls. Melody changed her costume twice yesterday and I forgot to photograph it in various stages. She was a witch and then a princess and then a fairy again last night. She insisted on wearing striped tights and red sparkle shoes with her fairy costume instead of the pink but who cares. I made my husband’s head out of paper mache and it was really fun. People were taking photos of him when we were out. I think I want to make a pinata next.

Samhain was weird this year but uneventful which is nice. I had a cold and then we tried to have a ritual with three of us and Willow screaming and running around. Then we had to cut things shorter too because we got all off schedule.

A month ago I found a skeleton candy mold at Michael’s and I am pretty sure it’s Wilton brand. I was very excited because I have wanted to order a mold for years but always forget. I used the meltable white chocolate tablets in them and then some black frosting for eyes. We put tdumb supperhese on the Samhain cupcakes we made. I also used the mold for Sculpey to make some skulls for a shrine I started working on. I am trying not to use only skulls for the shrine and it’s difficult because they have come to symbolize Samhain and Dia de Los Muertos so much.

This year again I was reminded of how odd it seems that people don’t celebrate Halloween. When I was in high school my friend was a JW and he couldn’t come to school on Halloween or the day before even because people would be dressed up and there might be Halloween themed classroom parties or something? Our Christian neighbors both go to church or did this year the night before Halloween. The night of Halloween I saw one of the girls peeking out of the window at all the kids starting to trick or treat and she soon disappeared behind the blinds so they could continue their anti-Halloween vigil indoors with the lights off so no one would knock. They weren’t allowed to go to school on Friday because of Halloween. One of the boys said it was because there were costumes and parties. The other neighbors went out again last night I think as well probably to a harvest party I don’t know.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and festive holiday full of food and fun and good energy!

One thought on “The End

  1. It is kinda sad that some kids don’t get to participate in even a very secularized “harvest party” like our school did. Still, to each their own.
    Glad you enjoyed your festival time.

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