Another fern

I painted but I haven’t taken photos of that yet. I also made a portion of a video but I am having problems with editing it. If anyone knows of any easy to use programs that are free online let me know.

I did part of this today. It’s a painting that was photographed. I then erased the middle objects and then cropped the bottom off. I added a scratch brush in purple and then used the magic wand tool to move the image of the fern onto this piece. Not sure if any of that makes sense or not but just was going to explain!

The two paintings I am doing upstairs have nothing to do with ferns though. I am pretty much done with that collage painting I started the other day and then half-way finished with this canvas of geese and cattails. Well there aren’t any geese is what the situation is right now!

I am going to print some things out on cardstock as prints and then hand color them as well this week.



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