I worked on my icon this morning with my friend who is teaching a few of us the painting style/technique. She is coming along from her earlier alien phase. I like painting on wood now that there are several layers. I did a lot of work on the owl and background since the photo but I just fixed the background in this photo so it looked better. It actually looks weird but whatever.

Melody has been using a lot of colored pencils and paint lately. She was working on some paper and then tried to finish her canvas but I think it still needs to dry. I have no idea what she painted on there. This morning she said she wanted to draw a potato and that she needed red and green. So after I remembered she meant tomato she drew one all by herself. She also did a rainbow filled mandala sun image that is hanging up but I was thinking I should cut it out and hang it somehow. I like her choice of apparel so I made sure to take a photo.



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