A couple

I am almost done with one painting but I need something to use for texture as I have no money and no modeling paste left. Wait maybe it’s molding paste but i think it’s modeling. I don’t have any is the point. I also put Melody to work cutting pieces of paper for another canvas collage that I am doing. Cutting paper into smaller pieces is a great job for a 4 year old.

On the computer I have done a couple images in Photoshop recently. The first is a little nook of sorts that I changed to black and white and then changed the darker portion of the mini cave entrance into white. I like the way it looks now.

The other one is the neighbor’s tree and I added some little hearts to it. I got the 3 of hearts for the deck of cards I am doing. Well I am doing one card not the whole deck. This isn’t the image I am using but I have been brainstorming ideas. I really like the number 3 and I figured hearts would be easier too.


One thought on “A couple

  1. For texture on my pages sometimes I glue down paper towel and then paint over it. You could also just paint and then draw into it (while still wet) with a pointy tool. That would produce some texture in your painting as well! Hope this helps! 🙂

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