Pagan advent

The whole advent celebration that is almost upon us is of course pagan in nature.When I think of advent I usually just think of the advent calendars not anything significant.

My sister and I used to get the chocolate advent calendars when we were young. Now I usually get one for me… um I mean Melody, and one for her even though we are adults. There is something celebratory in decorating and waiting for the sun’s rebirth.

The advent wreath used by Christians is a wreath with four candles. It is used to count down the weeks until Christmas. Every Sunday there is a reading. Well we have had a pagan version similar to this mixed with a Buddhist version some years!

I got an advent wreath at Goodwill several years ago and we use whatever taper candles we feel like.

The circle represented the wheel of the sun (Yule) but was also the cart wheel that was essential for them to preserve as a survival tool. The candles were part of the lights ceremonies of all northern countries in the period before Yuletide. The European ancestors would light candles, bonfires (the Yule log), and torches in honor of the dying sun.

The middle of the wreath is also open in case there is the desire for a fifth candle which in pagan tradition would represent a star/pentacle or the spirit.



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