Less is more

I seem to be reading a lot lately online about the holiday season being more meaningful and less about the “things.” Really this would be a great shift if the idea spreads a little more don’t you think?

I realize that there are kids that would object and really I think that if you have children the holidays and the present portion including the Yule fairies and Santa is for them. You can have nothing but if your children are happy and believe in the magic and experience some of it then everything is ok.

I love this story on Domestic Witch’s blog about Santa.

The sun and light in whatever form you believe is going to return soon and a new year will begin. I like the sound of 2010 don’t you? Sounds sort of space-age if you think about it. I am glad we don’t have rocket ship cars yet although I could go for gas-free!

Hope you are having a wonderful season where you are.


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