Buy Happiness?

I thought that you couldn’t really buy happiness and that it comes from inside. This is true but also false to a certain extent after I thought about it. I never have very much money and so I am not able to buy too many art supplies. I ended up spending the money on my two sales this past year on art supplies, new paint I think. This is a good idea in theory but I usually am so experimental and don’t know what I am doing that it seems like I need to buy more things to try out. This can of course get expensive. I don’t sell what I make for the most part and so I think in the back of my head I shouldn’t spend any money on the supplies to make anything else. This is a really bad way to approach it I realized and so now I buy paint and brushes and canvas whenever I am able.

I am happy with paint and some nice sunshine and maybe even some music playing. You can’t really buy happiness but you can buy the tools to create it in my world. šŸ™‚


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