Citra Solv part 1

In the latest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine there is a technique using Citra Solv cleaner in National Geographic magazines by Cathy Taylor. You coat the pages, squish them together and then create over the distortion of ink.

I looked for Citra Solv at the grocery store, at Target and then at the Ace Hardware store. I couldn’t find any. I didn’t know what the ingredients were in it to substitute so I guessed and got Citristrip in a spray bottle. It does different things to the pages which is good and bad. It fades them slowly and you can write into them or scratch to create images too. I checked the web site for Citra Solv and they do have a listing of where to find it. It is right up the street at Safeway apparently next to the Ace Hardware.When I was in the hardware store looking the lady was asking what I was using it for and I started explaining basically and she said, “oh that’s ok I am into all kinds of artsy fartsy stuff that sounds neat” I lost her at the part of what you do with the pages afterward.

The National Geographics I got at the thrift store along with a ceramic hand. I don’t know if there was another hand and someone bought it and they are supposed to go together to pray or? I am having fun scaring people with it and asking for my hand back and don’t brake my hand! When I put it on the counter to pay for it the guy almost jumped and then gave me the idea that I could freak people out with it and put it in the lawn even as a lawn ornament of sorts and bury it. I got it because I am going to make a palm reading guide decoration out of it. I have to look up the lines though because I don’t remember which lines are for what.


One thought on “Citra Solv part 1

  1. Hey there. We are the makers of Citra Solv and ran across your post. Wondered if you ever did find the Citra Solv to use on the National Geographic Magazines (do like what you did with them in the meantime 🙂 ? If you lost the Craft Paper Scissor magazine you can go to the Artist page on our website and there is a tutorial telling you how to do it. mzeitler@citrasolv.comWould love to hear from you.

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