What’s around

I painted over the bird background that I had done below. The bird was added in Photoshop. The painting I didn’t like so I painted over it. I like that there was quite a bit of texture in it so I can still see bumps and the circle stamps I used. It’s almost done but looked like this before I started on it.I didn’t use anything that was dumped on top of it. I have been experimenting with some old black and white photos and using the alcohol inks on them. I will share more of that later. The other two paintings are just sitting there. I don’t want to look at them. I have to finish the big one because it is taking up too much space. I am doing an infant of Prague variation. At least I think that’s what I am doing. 🙂

We have a maple tree on the patio and I let Melody color it with chalk. Then I was supposed to color it too. I think the white chalk is actually good for trees to deter bugs but maybe I am wrong. I don’t think non toxic crayola chalk will hurt the tree.



One thought on “What’s around

  1. Thanks for the comments. Playing with photoshop is fun, frustrating and addicting.I really like your photos, see you like trees too and that barn shot, fabulous.I also love the chalk on the tree.

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