I finished three things this weekend! Well actually it was this morning that I finished them. I ended up with a partial migraine later in the day and my tummy hurts too. I wanted to have coffee this morning and I don’t think I should have because it’s not good for your stomach. 😦

The baby wipes came in handy that I had saved from me and Melody’s project at some point. I used more color on them and picked the best one as a background for this heart. The heart I made with sculpey and poked with sewing pins. I don’t like traditional valentine stuff and this isn’t really a valentine exactly so I like it. There are a couple of small boxes with weird trinkets in them I guess and I need to start using the stuff so I clipped off the top of the angel milagro I had antiqued and put her on there. The red was the adirondack inks or ranger inks in cranberry I think. I got several of these because I think I just liked the sound of their names like lettuce, cranberry, latte, eggplant, etc. They don’t work well on paper or canvas or with other paint but they work well on photos and plastic and polymer clay I guess.

My heart of an angel is available in my Etsy shop. I will have to post the others later after the littlest one is asleep.


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