I got some seeds the other day and am going to start the basil indoors and peppers this year. I am a fan of direct seeding, however I don’t get enough out of the basil or tomatoes or peppers usually so I am going to make plans now.

Melody is likely to be a florist when she grows up. These are of course fake but she got them for me with Nana at the dollar store awhile ago. I got her a cyclamen plant when she was sick and she wanted to return the favor. You can see they go well with my huge art mess.

I have been posting a bit on my other blog and trying to figure out what to put where. I am thinking I might move everything there I don’t know yet. I seem to go through that all the time and haven’t figured out how to integrate things.

We have gotten our beds ready for spring planting a little bit. I got a propane weed torch for Christmas and have been using it to burn the hell out of the weeds and anything else in my path!

Well Willow is getting into trouble on top of the dining room table. Gotta go!


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