I like the color yellow in a subdued tone. This started out as the painting with the starling image on it from below. I painted over it and added some of the citra solv papers to it. I also added molding paste, layers of paint and then handwriting which was smudged out. I like the way it finally came out. My husband was asking if there is significance in 6 squares and I said no. I had 5 of them and added another later because I think it needed a sixth one I guess.

I think I need to reshoot the photo of this because it was done indoors. I like to take the paintings out on the patio and put them in a chair usually!

This is in my Etsy shop. I didn’t sell anything when I had the showcase spot the other day. I wasn’t expecting to but I did get a lot of views and a lot of hearted items which was nice. 🙂


4 thoughts on “New

  1. I like this painting very much, it’s also interesting to KNOW what is lurking under all the layers….very rich surface. Etsy is a funny thing to try to figure out, your shop there is filled with wonderful work!

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