Hi again

Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted. I have been tired or feeling blah and the Spring weather today seems to have perked me up a bit. It’s almost 60!

This past weekend I met with an artist agent and freelance curator. He saw some of my work that my friend brought to a first Friday event a few months ago. He rotates work around to different locations and eventually wants to have his own gallery. So Monday I dropped off three paintings to hang at Fusion Bubble Tea in Vancouver. I haven’t been back in to see them but want to in order to have some tea. 🙂 The idea of selling even one thing a month would be awesome but we will have to see. I haven’t sold a thing in a year which discouraged me to the point of giving up for awhile. I was thinking it would be fun to do a commissioned piece for someone and they pick the colors and general size. I don’t have enough money for more canvas so when I finish the next two this week I will be bored.

I didn’t realize until I looked at this photo later that someone was in it! She was walking her dog. 🙂

Normally I don’t start seeds indoors for the garden but I am going to try this year. I am a fan of self-sowing them because I am lazy really. The beds look decent that we have and I am hoping to get a little more soil for them and start the peas soon thanks to a gift card to Lowes from Christmas.

Being outside is always wonderful and fills me up with all kinds of good feelings and inspiration and calm.


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