Ideas and…

I decided to try and do something horizontal instead of vertical. It bothered me that I haven’t done this. This still needs another leaf and then I have to draw the trees on the bottom portion. I removed a piece of paper where the trees are because it didn’t look right. The colors are also not something I would choose normally and I don’t know if I will leave the pink strips of paper or not. The words say leaves, fall, and something else and it’s pieces of a scrapbook paper. I like finding things that go together and that also help me with naming it when I am done. I am usually not good with naming things.

From the library I got Artist Studios by Lynn Perella and I love the book and looking at people’s spaces. There is a photo I photographed from the book from an artist whose name is not coming to me right now. I like the idea of putting an archway like this in our backyard somewhere and hanging prayer flags, maybe even homemade ones from it.


One thought on “Ideas and…

  1. Hi Amy! I’ve been taking cymbalta for awhile now, but really don’t know if it’s helping any. I think I just need to stick with the exercise (and when the weather is nicer, walking in the morning would be great!). I don’t know what made me quit the art journal and all, just one day i realized it’d been ages since I’d done anything creative 😦 but I’ll get back………I appreciate the comment!! Have a great weekTrish

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