March favorites

I am cleaning off some of my bookmarks and thought I would share some good ones with you. The photo here is by Irene L. and called “A sky full of silent suns II.” I found it on We Heart It but it is also on flickr.

We Heart It is a cross between flickr and polyvore sort of? My heart is here.
La Photo Cabine French photo booth that uses your webcam to photograph you
Jennifer Mercede artist from Portland
Wicked Cobra collage artist
Maissa Toulet unusual artist full of collections and curios
Smith Eliot photographer
Raintree Studios
Daniella Woolf artist
Gabe Brown artist


I was going to do a post about art supply organization but I am not organized enough today to do that. My husband has a new schedule at work and it’s kicking my ass. I should say he has a new schedule for now then it will switch again. So next week maybe we will be back to “normal” or what’s normal for us.

It’s raining out again and I have reheated my coffee about three times this afternoon. I colored with Melody in her coloring book and played a 45-minute game of Shutes and Ladders. It it supposed to take that long to play? I kept hoping one of us would win so we could quit. 🙂

Willow got some pip squeak markers from the Eostre bunny and she is coloring now with some of those. The nice thing about having younger children is that you can trick them into thinking it’s not a holiday when it is. Melody knew it was Spring two weeks ago and was all excited. Then we all got really sick and weren’t 100 percent energywise that weekend so we “pretended” that Spring was this past weekend. We rolled the cheese, had a nice meal and the Eostre bunny came and brought goodies in baskets. That bunny is so smart too because she left them inside the sliding glass door instead of outside. 🙂



Hello there,

Managed to switch the name of the site just fine. Today I participated in our fourth-annual cheese rolling. This is a big thing in England still I think or maybe not but I have seen videos of it. We welcome Spring by rolling the wheel of cheese down the hill at the park and then rolling ourselves down after it. I am proud of myself that I didn’t stop halfway down but I still didn’t win. 😦 I also ended up too close to a tree but was ok as I had come to a stop already and opened my eyes. So the cheese is supposed to represent the sun in symbolic terms. I had to repaint the box we use because it didn’t try well enough last year and got all cracked and icky. I will make it even nicer for next year. I am also planning to “train” for this next year so I can maybe come in second place at least. 🙂



Green eggs and blue

I have been “saving” some of the hens’ eggs to dye and enjoy comparing the colors. Sara and Cornegie are ameraucana or Easter egg chickens. Sara is cream colored and lays blue eggs and Cornegie lays green eggs and is brown and black and looks like a hawk. I don’t know what changes from day to day that causes the variation in some of the colors. I should read more about it I guess.

I just knocked out Melody because I had to give her Benadryl. I feel bad but she was itching so much and has a rash all over her body from something. I am waiting for the doctor to call us to see if we have to go back in again. I think weve been there 3 times this month already between the two of them. Part of the reason Benadryl works to stop the itching I think is because you can’t itch while you are asleep.

Paintings at bubble tea

I forgot to post this photo of my paintings at a tea place in town. I know they look crooked but I remember they were straight when I looked. I think it was the angle or something. I love their couches there too!

The rain started again today after several days of beautiful weather. I got Melody’s flower garden dug and then she planted sunflowers, lupine and nasturtium seeds so far. We are going to get her some plants this weekend if it’s not pouring so she has some instant gratification too. 🙂

I am confused by the resolution in Photoshop. I made some digital collages and then I was thinking I would try to make a collage sheet. Some are 600 resolution and some are 100 and I don’t know what happens if I up the resolution of them? I think sometimes it is fine and sometimes it messes up the quality.