Random bits

I introduced shaving cream into the painting this weekend. My husband was not able to watch. It is actually a nice thing to use with finger paint and wipes off really well so it’s not as messy afterward. It looks like Willow is disgusted with it but she got very into it after the initial “what the hell is this?”

I am trying to take photos of my sketchbook pages and then put them in a file on the site here somewhere. I think Sunday I did 6 pages but I can’t use my scanner with the laptop so I would have to hook up the old slow computer and then use the scanner. I might do that or I might just photograph the pages instead once the sun comes out today. It is going to come out too which is nice. I am working on Melody’s flower garden

There’s so much clay I could throw pottery out there! I am taking out some of the lawn to put in a cutting garden and I didn’t realize how bad the soil is where I am attempting this.




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