I am confused by the resolution in Photoshop. I made some digital collages and then I was thinking I would try to make a collage sheet. Some are 600 resolution and some are 100 and I don’t know what happens if I up the resolution of them? I think sometimes it is fine and sometimes it messes up the quality.


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  1. 300 res is a good size for printing, amy. Just make sure, in that same box in PS, that your paper size is 8.5 x 11 or whatever size it is. I’m not sure why you’re getting different resolutions, tho. Are you scanning? It’s probably got a default scan of 100, so you may have to change it for each scan. Oh, and yes, it is better to set the scan res, than to up it in PS later. It will get pixelated if you go from 100 to 300. You can come down in res, but going up is tricky. I don’t recommend doing it. Email me if you need more help.

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