Spring sickness

We are getting over being sick here in the not-so-magical household. My husband is the only one that didn’t get “it” and we hope he doesn’t. I am still trying to decide if I should have one blog two or three or just put everything in one place and put some anonymity to it. I still have the issues of putting my name on one thing. The problem is that I should have my name on my art site because that’s how people find me and that’s fine. Then if I post anything at all that I wouldn’t want people to see even cute photos of the girls  then it’s not working for me and I get paranoid. I am thinking of naming the art site something different like amy’sart or something better than that and then putting everything there in one place. 🙂 I will let you know when I change these things. I have 4 readers of my art blog/site so it’s not a big deal to change the name right now. 🙂

I have been trying to get outside to enjoy the Spring weather but really it hasn’t worked as of last week. I hope this week will be the start of something good with sunshine and flowers and gardening and well children!

We had to postpone the annual Spring equinox ritual and the cheese roll. The cheese roll is the best thing since…sliced cheese? and there was no way I could roll down the hill in the mud after being sick. I like the fact that since our kids are young enough (Melody is barely) they don’t know if we change the ostara bunny coming or the Yule celebration to the next day or something. I tried to play down the “first day of Spring” with Melody at the end of the week so she wouldn’t realize we weren’t celebrating and rolling down the hill. Children are tuned into the  natural rhythms too and she is so into flowers that it’s hard to fool her sometimes.


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