Hello there,

Managed to switch the name of the site just fine. Today I participated in our fourth-annual cheese rolling. This is a big thing in England still I think or maybe not but I have seen videos of it. We welcome Spring by rolling the wheel of cheese down the hill at the park and then rolling ourselves down after it. I am proud of myself that I didn’t stop halfway down but I still didn’t win. 😦 I also ended up too close to a tree but was ok as I had come to a stop already and opened my eyes. So the cheese is supposed to represent the sun in symbolic terms. I had to repaint the box we use because it didn’t try well enough last year and got all cracked and icky. I will make it even nicer for next year. I am also planning to “train” for this next year so I can maybe come in second place at least. 🙂



One thought on “Cheese

  1. Oooh, i feel sooo stupid. i saw your video on yt yesterday, and didn’t know it was you!! It just took me several minutes of looking at your pic here to realize. Hey! that’s the same little girl i saw yesterday!! But, at first I was like, wow..there’s a lot of cheese rolling going on lately. everybody is doing it!! hahaha Oh, boy. 😀 Love the part near the end where your daughter starts rolling again. So cute!!

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