I was going to do a post about art supply organization but I am not organized enough today to do that. My husband has a new schedule at work and it’s kicking my ass. I should say he has a new schedule for now then it will switch again. So next week maybe we will be back to “normal” or what’s normal for us.

It’s raining out again and I have reheated my coffee about three times this afternoon. I colored with Melody in her coloring book and played a 45-minute game of Shutes and Ladders. It it supposed to take that long to play? I kept hoping one of us would win so we could quit. πŸ™‚

Willow got some pip squeak markers from the Eostre bunny and she is coloring now with some of those. The nice thing about having younger children is that you can trick them into thinking it’s not a holiday when it is. Melody knew it was Spring two weeks ago and was all excited. Then we all got really sick and weren’t 100 percent energywise that weekend so we “pretended” that Spring was this past weekend. We rolled the cheese, had a nice meal and the Eostre bunny came and brought goodies in baskets. That bunny is so smart too because she left them inside the sliding glass door instead of outside. πŸ™‚



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