Tree and owl

I made two new necklaces recently and thought I would share photos. The tree necklace I had a spare pendant which I love of the swirly tree. I used earthy and wood beads to make it and I like how it turned out. I also made an owl necklace in a Spring green or lime shade. I saw the pendant beads online and had to get a couple! It is listed in my Etsy shop along with the other tree necklace. I am not going to make too much jewelry because the art and craft show is supposed to have a lot already. I will be selling mostly original artwork though so that will stand out I figure. 🙂



Art in Hand auction

The Portland Art in Hand auction has gone live. Check it out here. My card is the Three of Hearts. You can also be a fan of the Portland Art in Hand project on facebook and vote for my card.  They are showing 10 of the pieces at a gallery in Portland. All 54 cards will  be together one time on May 15 at the Art Hop on Alberta if you live in the Portland area. It sounds like a lot of fun and family friendly! I don’t get any money from the proceeds it’s all donated to my charity of choice (My Story- program for at-risk youth at the Newspace Photography Center in Pdx).

I didn’t think to mention how I made my card until I was looking at the comments on Facebook. It’s a photo of one bleeding heart on white cardstock with the dandelions. So I was the 3 of Hearts and I aded two other hearts in Photoshop. I had my skills tested because it took me awhile to figure out how to do it so it looked real. 🙂 The heart image is a celtic heart stamp in Photoshop with the white number 3. Hope that solves any mystery. I was supposed to design my card in a style similar to what I used in my application. I had used mostly photos in my submission so I went with this idea.


Art journal page

I got a Moleskine this weekend after taking a year-long break from art journaling. I have kept a sketchbook instead which I am really happy about. I plan to keep the sketchbook(s) going and the art journaling. Most of the art journaling I do is sort of positive affirmation pages. I don’t really know why but I pick the imagery and then the text flows from there very easily. It’s not so much a record of my days but feelings, moods, inspiration.

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Egg charm

I made an egg charm a week or so ago and thought I would share a photo. I blew out the egg (after two failed an messy attempts!) and then strung a wire through the egg an added beads and a feather. I don’t know if the feather is from the same chicken who layed the egg or not. Irma is our black chicken and she doesn’t lay very much or nearly as much from what I can tell. I was going for something decorative yet full of some purpose such as drawing prosperity to oneself. I thought I could put a tiny affirmation or written something inside too but didn’t do that this time. You could do this with older kids too but you have to be careful you don’t crack the egg. 🙂 Hang it in the window or from your chandelier.


I wish it was summer already. I am in a better mood when the sun is out and the girls can run around outside. It’s much healthier for all of us I think. I love this photo of Willow under the branches. Looks like she is a little tree person!


I didn’t leave the house today. It wasn’t nice outside and we didn’t have a reason to go out. I made a bag, well almost, from some vintage fabric. I also tried to make the head to a doll for Willow. I embroidered an painted the face a week or more ago and then tried to figure out the hair. I think I want to use brown yarn which I don’t have. So I will do the doll this weekend. 🙂 I figured out my sewing machine wasn’t broken but I was using a slightly bigger or smaller bobbin. Wow thanks for telling me repair shop! The brother company emailed me back to make sure I was using the exact bobbin that comes with the machine and not another one. I thought yes I am. In fact I wasn’t and that made the difference. So I am able to use it now and plan to make up for lost time in the coming months.

Fishing also starts this weekend and I am planning to take Melody somewhere to actually catch one to start off right. We didn’t catch one last year and so she lost interest quickly. I would too I think.





Today is not so nice outside but this weekend was delightful. I then got a migraine to mess up the whole afternoon yesterday. I got 6 tomato plants in the ground and weeded one raised bed. My husband weeded the strawberry beds and got two plum trees for our front yard. I think I should rent a mini bulldozer to get the grass up in the front but who knows. Last week we got all the potatoes in the ground a little late but still ok. Willow tried to bite into one (ick). This week I am cleaning up and not painting because I don’t have any wood or canvas or any money till Friday. I am going to have my Dad help with making canvases since it’s so much cheaper. I need better quality to have them in galleries.

My three paintings that were at Fusion Bubble Tea were moved to a church down the street. I can’t remember the name of it but they are open 9 – 5 daily. I will post the location tomorrow. When I was looking at the Etsy views on my art that I put up last week there are 4 or 5 views. I would have 200 views if they are on the wall somewhere in a day. Some people think it’s about exposure but it’s also about selling a piece of art every now and then. I have been lucky that I have an artist friend to help me and a freelance art agent that is also helping. Wednesday night I am going to an art marketing presentation that sounds good.

Lacey webs

There are these webs out in the field behind our house. I took the dog for a walk and then took some photos of them. I wonder if they are caterpillars or something? I altered the first one using Picnik (the online program).

I have been trying to get off coffee and onto tea and got some green fairy tea last week at the Asian grocery store near my sister’s house. It tastes nice and looks like a sea anenome!

Layers and layers then it bloomed

I started this one in Crimson as you may recall. It then became copper and then changed to yellow ochre an portrait pink with some undertones. The flowers bloomed and the dragonfly came to visit. This is my first wood panel painting. I loved the durability of it and the comfort in knowing I wouldn’t rip the canvas when I pounded and scraped! Melody looked at it and asked if it was for her. I told her it wasn’t but I would make her one. By saying this it means I let this one go right? Whenever I ask if she likes something she usually says, “It would be better if you did some flowers or hearts on it.” I listed it in my etsy shop.