We are on disc 2 of season one of Wonder Woman. Melody had seen two episodes a year ago online and so I got them for her on Netflix. So far it’s not too annoying and a nice change from the Disney Princess movies. She thinks she can do Wonder Woman tricks, however so she is jumping off the furniture and twirling around thinking she is Wonder Melody.

I didn’t finish this image here but I was playing around with it today. I have to finish about four paintings in the next few days because I imposed a self deadline upon myself sort of. I think several paintings will be going to another gallery area which is a block from my house. At first I was discouraged because I have yet to sell anything and then I thought again and realized that I need to create these things and if they sell that would be great. I don’t make them with the intent to sell them anymore. I would like to sell some so I can buy canvas and paint and not have to save up forever to replace materials but maybe someday.

This weekend I am going to a Soul Collage workshop and I am looking forward to that. I have always wanted to take a Soul Collage class but it seems they have been too expensive or for teacher training. This one is in two parts so that will be nice. I will have to sign up for the second part if I like the first I guess. Two hours away from home are worth it too!

I spent 30 minutes editing the html code for the newsletter sign-up there and sent out April’s newsletter yesterday. I forgot to include a fun and interesting tidbit that I had promised so I will have to do another one in the next week or so!



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