City mouse country mouse

When I go into the “city” it’s strange because my children have been raised in the country really. I think Melody was almost 3 before she got on an escalator and walked on a downtown street. I have always lived in suburbs of major cities and gone into them quite often. We have lived in a more rural area for 5 years now after living in Portland and while at first city life seems exciting and interesting I like coming back home. Sure we don’t have art supply stores or art galleries or bakeries (we have one) and 10 different coffee choices (we have 3) but we have the important things (a house, nice people we know in town, parks, safe surroundings). I think that all comes down to a good quality of life. 🙂


One thought on “City mouse country mouse

  1. lol..there’s not even a grocery store where i live. we have a bank, (which doesn’t have an ATM. what kind of bank doesn’t have an ATM???!!!), a liquor store, a gas station, and this hippy guy opened a sorta weird food/salvation army type tiny shop a couple months ago. You can buy chips, some rice and a worn t-shirt for 5 bucks. heh!! So basically, if you get your money before the bank closes at 3pm, you can get drink, get gas and drive around eating your chips..go home and cook your rice, and wash your almost new tshirt before wearing it..or not. heh! Does this explain why I do nothing but paint? 😀

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