The weather has been really nice here so I have been outside quite a bit. I am trying to conquer the weeds that took over last year in our raised beds when I was slack at the gardening thing. We planted potatoes and peas and some lettuce as well as flowers. Two beds are the constant strawberries which just have to be weeded. So I have a bed and a half to do now for beans, squash and tomatoes. I have to get the seeds in asap. The tomatoes I grow from seedlings and I suppose if I can’t get seeds for squashes I will just get starts for those. I have good feelings about the garden this summer. I am also going to order the cheesemaking book so I can try making a harder variety of cheese this year. I love going to get the goat’s milk and tomatoes out in the other town near us. It’s such a fun trip! The photo of the wall here to the left I took last weeked at a stoplight. I thought it was cool.

I have been looking online at gypsy wagons and retro campers. I think the appeal is that it would be just me in there with only but my simplest belongings. Let’s think about that for a second shall we? Um yes it’s not possible. I saw someone use one for an art studio in her backyard (they had a little property) which I suppose if we had tons of money we could get a used one and then use it for my art room and traveling a little bit. The solitary vision is crushed when I hear whining and squealing and barking from my two kids and dog. I would also hear “where is the _____?” if my husband were in the room. Being crammed into that small space with my family would not be fun after one day.

All of these photos or most are from Jeanne Bayol I think who designs refurbished gypsy wagons/roulettes.



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