Today is not so nice outside but this weekend was delightful. I then got a migraine to mess up the whole afternoon yesterday. I got 6 tomato plants in the ground and weeded one raised bed. My husband weeded the strawberry beds and got two plum trees for our front yard. I think I should rent a mini bulldozer to get the grass up in the front but who knows. Last week we got all the potatoes in the ground a little late but still ok. Willow tried to bite into one (ick). This week I am cleaning up and not painting because I don’t have any wood or canvas or any money till Friday. I am going to have my Dad help with making canvases since it’s so much cheaper. I need better quality to have them in galleries.

My three paintings that were at Fusion Bubble Tea were moved to a church down the street. I can’t remember the name of it but they are open 9 – 5 daily. I will post the location tomorrow. When I was looking at the Etsy views on my art that I put up last week there are 4 or 5 views. I would have 200 views if they are on the wall somewhere in a day. Some people think it’s about exposure but it’s also about selling a piece of art every now and then. I have been lucky that I have an artist friend to help me and a freelance art agent that is also helping. Wednesday night I am going to an art marketing presentation that sounds good.


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