I didn’t leave the house today. It wasn’t nice outside and we didn’t have a reason to go out. I made a bag, well almost, from some vintage fabric. I also tried to make the head to a doll for Willow. I embroidered an painted the face a week or more ago and then tried to figure out the hair. I think I want to use brown yarn which I don’t have. So I will do the doll this weekend. 🙂 I figured out my sewing machine wasn’t broken but I was using a slightly bigger or smaller bobbin. Wow thanks for telling me repair shop! The brother company emailed me back to make sure I was using the exact bobbin that comes with the machine and not another one. I thought yes I am. In fact I wasn’t and that made the difference. So I am able to use it now and plan to make up for lost time in the coming months.

Fishing also starts this weekend and I am planning to take Melody somewhere to actually catch one to start off right. We didn’t catch one last year and so she lost interest quickly. I would too I think.





One thought on “Sewing

  1. The fabrics here are all so wonderful together, and I love it that you are going fishing…. also I love the lacy spider webs across your fields, and the way you photographed them. Have a lovely weekend. roxanne

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