Art in Hand auction

The Portland Art in Hand auction has gone live. Check it out here. My card is the Three of Hearts. You can also be a fan of the Portland Art in Hand project on facebook and vote for my card.  They are showing 10 of the pieces at a gallery in Portland. All 54 cards will  be together one time on May 15 at the Art Hop on Alberta if you live in the Portland area. It sounds like a lot of fun and family friendly! I don’t get any money from the proceeds it’s all donated to my charity of choice (My Story- program for at-risk youth at the Newspace Photography Center in Pdx).

I didn’t think to mention how I made my card until I was looking at the comments on Facebook. It’s a photo of one bleeding heart on white cardstock with the dandelions. So I was the 3 of Hearts and I aded two other hearts in Photoshop. I had my skills tested because it took me awhile to figure out how to do it so it looked real. 🙂 The heart image is a celtic heart stamp in Photoshop with the white number 3. Hope that solves any mystery. I was supposed to design my card in a style similar to what I used in my application. I had used mostly photos in my submission so I went with this idea.



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