There is an herbary that has tons of great herbs out on Sauvie Island in Portland. I usually go on an annual pilgrammage with a couple of circle sisters. I got mugwort, feverfew, calendula, orange ball tree. The orange ball tree is actually called that too, very original. I also got some cinquefoil. At the herb festival I had bought sweet cicely and lovage. I wanted to put them  in the front yard but I have some work to do before that happens. I have to buy weed barrier, weed, put that down and then put the plants in. After that I will see about mulch on top. Time and money are always short unfortunately.




I made three new collages recently and put one in my Etsy shop so far. The one with the vintage woman on it I really like. I used a piece of paper that was catching some paint and ink I think over time. The more I looked at it the more I thought it was really cool. The other papers are from my paper stash collection that I paired up.

The Summer collage is from a 1940s McCall’s magazine, scrapbook embellishments, a Special sticker, and retro wallpaper with yellow flowers. I don’t know about the Frida one but the other one that’s Summer-ish I will also put in my shop soon. I think the Frida one is missing something. The photo is a copy from a magazine and was taken when she was quite young. I like it but I think the overall collage needs something else still.

Playdoh and princesses

I forget about Playdough sometimes. I forget that both girls like to play with it. Willow is really into it because she can use it to make quite a big mess. I saw the idea for making a playdoh garden here and thought we should try it. Melody has the collection of fairies from Playmobil and they have several greenery pieces that are really cool but I thought more flowers and greenery can’t hurt right? I used the cheap playdoh from the dollar store for this. You basically stick fake flower heads into the doh and then let it dry. It can be a garden for princesses or pixies!

Hope you can come

First Friday Art Walk

June 4th, 5 – 9 p.m.

Hidden Gallery

Located inside Bella’s Courtyard Coffee Lounge @ the Academy
400 E Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98660

Celebrating “Color”
Featured Artists: Ann Olson, Amy Grennell, & Jaquie Cole.
Live Music by Jack DeVore

Plant identification walk

I took a tree id class several years ago but I don’t know how to id many plants especially native plants. I think it’s important to learn about plants that grow near you so you can use them for medicine or simply know their history and what they are called if your 5-year-old asks! My friend is taking herb classes online and had some homework plus I wanted to go see about identifying some for magical or medicinal purposes. There were a lot of photos taken and not a whole lot of identification going on. Later we have managed to identify quite a few of them though.


mushrooms (we weren’t identifying these that would be a whole different walk and set of books!)

Some variety of cherry we think

Blackberry (not ripe yet)

I am hoping this is angeled bittercress but now I don’t know. The leaves are different I think. 😦 It was growing near the river. It looks like phlox.

I am cheating on this last one because I took the photo at the herb festival we went to. They were growing in the grass off the pathway we were walking. Named for a local town near here. They are Camas flowers.


Rainbow chimes

Melody loves rainbows and my sister used to have a collection of rainbows that weren’t super gay if that makes sense. 😉 She gave Melody this chime that hangs in the tree outside for now. It’s made of glass I think. I took photos of it and then altered them in Photoshop.

Art Hop

The Art Hop on Alberta in Portland was a couple of weeks ago. Willow tried to take tip money out of this band’s guitar case. I had to return it. 🙂 We went into the gallery where the art in portland card deck originals were being shown. We went up and down the street to look at all the art and had lunch.

The weather was so nice and summery. We have since had really crappy unseasonably icky wet and cold weather. Looking at these photos makes me sad for our recent weather. 😦 I hope it gets nice soon. I have plans.


I am still waiting for my usb cable to arrive. I had to special order the thing. have two more posts ready but not able to post them without the proper visuals. 😦

I am going to be in a group show based on the theme of “color” at Hidden Gallery in downtown Vancouver for June. I will let you know more details soon. I am very excited!



What’s happening

Starting Friday I hope I will have the new usb cable and get more done on the blog here. Thanks for visiting all the same. I can’t write much without visuals so It’s difficult for me!

I stopped drinking coffee about a week ago and don’t know that I feel that much better but a little bit from the highs and lows of caffeinne I guess. In Spring or Summer sometimes I switch to iced tea in the mornings and afternoons instead of coffee. I think coffee is like the regular and then the tea is like the light version, more mellow more feeling balanced. Does that makes sense?

I made two collages this week that I like. One is 11 by 17 inches and I enjoyed using some of those papers you keep forever for “something” but then never use them.

Weather has been very touch and go like 65 and sunny to 52 and pouring rain. A couple of weeks ago we lost two of our eldest chickens to a racoon attack. I set up a trap, a professional one not that I made one myself, and didn’t catch it. I used dry cat food and moist cat food. I ended up catching two of the chickens in the trap and gave up.

I made some smoothies today and some homemade bagels. The smoothies were made with peanut butter, tofu, yogurt, lactose free milk and chocolate syrup with a half a bananna. I ommitted the peanut butter for Willow’s. I get into those modes where I make all these things in the kitchen and then don’t want to cook for a week. Of course I do cook every day anyways but you know. 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well. I will share more this weekend. I am going on a natural plant id walk at a park.