I still am without a USB cable so I am using photos my sister took from yesterday when we went to Seaside for the day. I am working on being more fun and spontaneous this year. I was tempted to say no to her idea to go to the beach but then I said yes instead. We all had a great time. It was Willow’s first time at the beach. She rolled in it, tasted it, blew it, dug in it and more!

We went to the ARt Hop on Alberta Street today to have fun and see all the cards in the Portland Art in Hand deck. They were at a gallery on Alberta and it was really cool to see them up close and personal. Tomorrow we are going to the herb festival nearby. I am tired but when the weather is nice and there are so many fun things to do you have to carry on. ZZZzzzz…..


4 thoughts on “Beach

  1. Thanks for your comments. Love your website and your art and photos. I haven’t visited for a while and now I will add you to my blogroll so I won’t forget!

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