What’s happening

Starting Friday I hope I will have the new usb cable and get more done on the blog here. Thanks for visiting all the same. I can’t write much without visuals so It’s difficult for me!

I stopped drinking coffee about a week ago and don’t know that I feel that much better but a little bit from the highs and lows of caffeinne I guess. In Spring or Summer sometimes I switch to iced tea in the mornings and afternoons instead of coffee. I think coffee is like the regular and then the tea is like the light version, more mellow more feeling balanced. Does that makes sense?

I made two collages this week that I like. One is 11 by 17 inches and I enjoyed using some of those papers you keep forever for “something” but then never use them.

Weather has been very touch and go like 65 and sunny to 52 and pouring rain. A couple of weeks ago we lost two of our eldest chickens to a racoon attack. I set up a trap, a professional one not that I made one myself, and didn’t catch it. I used dry cat food and moist cat food. I ended up catching two of the chickens in the trap and gave up.

I made some smoothies today and some homemade bagels. The smoothies were made with peanut butter, tofu, yogurt, lactose free milk and chocolate syrup with a half a bananna. I ommitted the peanut butter for Willow’s. I get into those modes where I make all these things in the kitchen and then don’t want to cook for a week. Of course I do cook every day anyways but you know. šŸ™‚

Hope everyone is doing well. I will share more this weekend. I am going on a natural plant id walk at a park.


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