Plant identification walk

I took a tree id class several years ago but I don’t know how to id many plants especially native plants. I think it’s important to learn about plants that grow near you so you can use them for medicine or simply know their history and what they are called if your 5-year-old asks! My friend is taking herb classes online and had some homework plus I wanted to go see about identifying some for magical or medicinal purposes. There were a lot of photos taken and not a whole lot of identification going on. Later we have managed to identify quite a few of them though.


mushrooms (we weren’t identifying these that would be a whole different walk and set of books!)

Some variety of cherry we think

Blackberry (not ripe yet)

I am hoping this is angeled bittercress but now I don’t know. The leaves are different I think. 😦 It was growing near the river. It looks like phlox.

I am cheating on this last one because I took the photo at the herb festival we went to. They were growing in the grass off the pathway we were walking. Named for a local town near here. They are Camas flowers.



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