There is an herbary that has tons of great herbs out on Sauvie Island in Portland. I usually go on an annual pilgrammage with a couple of circle sisters. I got mugwort, feverfew, calendula, orange ball tree. The orange ball tree is actually called that too, very original. I also got some cinquefoil. At the herb festival I had bought sweet cicely and lovage. I wanted to put them  in the front yard but I have some work to do before that happens. I have to buy weed barrier, weed, put that down and then put the plants in. After that I will see about mulch on top. Time and money are always short unfortunately.



2 thoughts on “Herbary

  1. Gorgeous pictures- I love that you plant so many interesting herbs. We have a great place called "Red Ridge Farms" close to here that has some of the harder to find medicinal herbs. I planted Vervain and Skullcap last year. I love the name "Costmary". Not sure I need that herb in my garden though.Loveage! I need some of that too. It’s such a fantastic addition to soups and my mom told me years ago when I was first gardening that I should always have sage and lovage growing in my garden.

  2. That place sounds familiar I wonder if I talked to someone from there years ago when I was working in Newberg. I love herbs and try to plant more and more and more of them!

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