String things

I found the idea for this from one of Mary Ann Kohl’s books. You are supposed to use liquid starch but we didn’t have any so we used Elmer’s Glue. I think it worked out ok but I would spend more time placing the string next time. Melody and I each made one. You take string and wrap pieces around an inflated balloon. Then you add the liquid starch or glue to harden the form of the string into a circle. We let that dry and then painted our string a little bit. After that dried I popped the balloons and we hung them up. They remind me of a bee’s nest or those twig balls you can buy for decoration.


I painted something

I had looked at a painting from a magazine and then created this piece in 40 minutes on Saturday. I just finished and said “done.” It doesn’t look like the painting I had been inspired by exactly so I am thinking it might be ok to show or to have made in the first place? I posted my painting first with a close-up then the third image is the inspirational reference from another artist. I have never looked at someone’s piece of art and then made art while being directly inspired by it. Do you ever do this or should I just keep this to myself as practice?






Weekend round-up

We celebrated summer Saturday with a little ritual and picnic. There’s a nice stream that has become our wish-making stream that runs through a “hidden” park nearby. I made a wish on a blade of grass (a big blade) and then tied it up and sent it on it’s way. I made strawberry jam part 1 that night. I have to make a second batch because we run out through the year if I don’t.

Sunday was the World Beat Festival down in Salem (oregon). We go to this every year and enjoy everything about it. There’s music, dancing, food and multicultural goodies including a new parasol every year. Melody’s last year was pink and it lasted till a couple of months ago in our house. 🙂 We had ice cream and Kathmandu food and Melody made friends with a belly dancer while listening to Celtic music. She is not quite old enough to start belly dancing class but I think when she is we will start going together. I took it a long time ago before two children and loved it. Melody loves dancing and all the accessories that go with belly dancing of course. The dancer was showing her everything and Melody was completely in awe.

The sand mandala that was being created was my favorite I think. I watched this man bend over and sprinkle one grain of sand at a time onto a line of magenta. I was scared to breathe but it was hypnotizing to watch. When they are finished they destroy the mandala. From wikipedia: “A sand mandala is ritualistically destroyed once it has been completed and its accompanying ceremonies and viewing are finished to symbolize the Buddhist doctrinal belief in the transitory nature of material life.”

It is summer

I am so happy it’s finally summer here. I was holding out on my bad mood with regard to the weather until after the summer solstice.

I have been picking strawberries from the garden finally and cutting lavender by the bushel it seems. I am also ready to harvest quite a few herbs and make some jam maybe this weekend. I need enough of our own strawberries to make the jam fully delicious! Melody and Willow were doing yoga while in the pool yesterday.


Pow wow and buffalo teeth

On Saturday we went to a pow wow in Portland. It was the final day and there was a lot of talking and not too much action. It was also raining a lot. I took two photos before the camera battery died. I also bought a buffalo tooth and one strand of beads. I ate an Indian taco and we went to Toys R Us and came home.

Buffalo teeth were very popular with the vendors. I think the buffalo is an important animal to the Native American people and is strong and abundant. It was killed and eaten for meat but also every portion of it was used hence maybe the teeth. I am possibly making this up so don’t get mad! I like bones though and wasn’t upset seeing these which may not even be from buffalo but water bison. I do think they are authentic though because the ones I saw online are the same as the one that I got. The grocery store sometimes has buffalo burgers but being mostly vegetarian I have never in fact had buffalo nor do I intend to. 🙂 I don’t feel like buying a tooth is promoting buffalo farming either.



I have been making a few new pieces of jewelry lately. I put these two in my shop this morning. I am opening a second etsy store (it’s already there) for magical items this week. I have to wait till my sister finishes my logo. I wanted to have one store with art and jewelry and the other store will have salves, magical oils, herbs, charms and such. I think this will work out well. I hope…

The recital

Melody had her recital Saturday afternoon. It amazes me how independent she is and not afraid to get out there and dance in front of so many people. She dances with the kids in her class obviously but it’s kind of interesting all the same because I don’t think I would ever have done that at her age because I was so shy. That’s the joy of having children I guess they are different from you and you see things in a different way. They all did great and were so cute. She was in tap class since January.




The river

For some reason Melody asked about 7 times on Friday if we could go to the park near our house on Saturday. There is actually a newer playground area that they liked. Our dog was acting all weird and whining to go on the playground so I let him off the leash and he followed the kids around the whole time. He could jump off a part of the equipment and get back on when he wanted to.

Afterward we went to Melody’s recital. She has two a year.