I will probably start doing a little weekend round-up in the summer because there are so many visual things going on this time of year! The sun came out and it seemed like chaos with everyone out and about getting things done outside and having fun.

We had Melody’s dance photos at the studio. This time she was only taking tap and so she only had one outfit. That was nice not to have to change into another outfit and another possibly. I won’t share her costume till next weekend as it’s supposed to be a surprise in real life and so it can be a surprise here too. 🙂

This weekend was our second-annual June birthday party for the neighbors. I think there are 8 people on the street who have a birthday in June including my husband. The idea was to have our own strawberries. Last year I made a big cake. This year we did sundaes with local strawberries instead of our own since they weren’t ripe yet. We’ve not had nice weather the last month or two or three. 😦 So far we’ve had 4 strawberries or 5. I weeded the tomato bed yesterday and am going to plant some more plants in pots and in the raised beds. I added some potting soil and compost. The compost we make is going to have to be altered as we have been putting weeds in it and then they do germinate after being applied on the beds. So we are going to use grass clipppings, chicken poop and veggie scraps from now on. We will burn the weeds or put them in yard debris. We have gone without having yard debris pick up for 6 years or so but maybe we should consider it again.


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