Looking around

Got some weeding done in the garden the past few days in between rain. It is actually sunnny today which makes everyone in a better mood. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have 8 tomato plants and one yellow zuchinni, one yellow pepper, one acorn squash, peas and lots of potatoes and strawberries. The lavender is also very close to full bloom on several of the plants. The front yard we are going to have to have someone do for us because it’s overwhelming and really we have two little kids and can’t get it done the way we want to have it done I don’t think.

This is a doodle I did awhile ago but never posted. I got a little carried away with the dots but I like it anyways.

I realized while putting groceries on the conveyor belt this morning what a weird combination of items I had. I thought these were the oddest of products that were purchased together: maraschino cherries, Virgin of Guadalupe candle, glue, balloons, lightbulb, baby corn, an eggplant, mango, empty spray bottle and falafel mix with rubbing alcohol and v8 fusion drink. )


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