Where you live

I seem to have my ups and down with the weather lately. It’s been the wettest June ever on record, summer hasn’t arrived and yesterday it was 57. I really don’t want much just no rain and 70. Is that too much to ask for? We live in the Pacific Northwest because it’s home. I was born in Tacoma and then we moved to CA, AZ and VA. I went to school in NC. I wanted to go to school in WA but didn’t get into the University of WA and then things turned around when my senior year of college my Dad got a job out in WA. My parents really wanted to be back home as we were the lone family members who lived out of state for the most part. No Christmas or Thanksgiving or things like that were celebrated together usually. In 1998 I graduated from college and headed out here. I got a job and the rest has been history or really just settling in to where I feel I should be.

This area is the most beautiful place in the country in my opinion and although I have seasonal affective disorder and have a hard time in the Winter I will always live in the Northwest I think. The liberal and earth friendly part of myself fits in perfectly here and we have a house and fun things to do year-round.

We live in a small town and at first that took getting used to. You are likely to see people you know at the grocery store whether you like them or not 😉 We can go into the big city/Portland when we want and we can stay in our general area for months at a time too.

Are you living where you want to live? Are you planning to move? If so where and why?


One thought on “Where you live

  1. The northwest is beautiful, so lush and green…but I have to say that I need my sunshine and am not sure I could take missing that.I love where I live! Well, maybe if there was an ocean out front, that would make me happy….no, I think I’ll stay put.thanks for the visit!

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