The recital

Melody had her recital Saturday afternoon. It amazes me how independent she is and not afraid to get out there and dance in front of so many people. She dances with the kids in her class obviously but it’s kind of interesting all the same because I don’t think I would ever have done that at her age because I was so shy. That’s the joy of having children I guess they are different from you and you see things in a different way. They all did great and were so cute. She was in tap class since January.





One thought on “The recital

  1. Oooh, should send me the first and second picture in higher res, so I can see details. I love the hat, the pink and the expression on her face in each one (especially the second one). It looks easier to paint than the photo I have, too. I may have more luck painting her using a different photo.

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