Pow wow and buffalo teeth

On Saturday we went to a pow wow in Portland. It was the final day and there was a lot of talking and not too much action. It was also raining a lot. I took two photos before the camera battery died. I also bought a buffalo tooth and one strand of beads. I ate an Indian taco and we went to Toys R Us and came home.

Buffalo teeth were very popular with the vendors. I think the buffalo is an important animal to the Native American people and is strong and abundant. It was killed and eaten for meat but also every portion of it was used hence maybe the teeth. I am possibly making this up so don’t get mad! I like bones though and wasn’t upset seeing these which may not even be from buffalo but water bison. I do think they are authentic though because the ones I saw online are the same as the one that I got. The grocery store sometimes has buffalo burgers but being mostly vegetarian I have never in fact had buffalo nor do I intend to. 🙂 I don’t feel like buying a tooth is promoting buffalo farming either.


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