I painted something

I had looked at a painting from a magazine and then created this piece in 40 minutes on Saturday. I just finished and said “done.” It doesn’t look like the painting I had been inspired by exactly so I am thinking it might be ok to show or to have made in the first place? I posted my painting first with a close-up then the third image is the inspirational reference from another artist. I have never looked at someone’s piece of art and then made art while being directly inspired by it. Do you ever do this or should I just keep this to myself as practice?







3 thoughts on “I painted something

  1. I think some people are much more strict with this, but I think since you made it for yourself, and you have shown the inspiration that it’s fine, and I love the painting, both of them!!plus I just read your comment on my blog, the doodles are from my head πŸ˜‰ glad you liked!

  2. That’s wonderful to hear, to be inspired by other artists! πŸ™‚ In a way it’s like the other person is rubbing off on you. I do get inspired by other Artists too, but mainly in craft making. With painting I just get inspired either by nature or spur of the moment inspiration, that I wish to express myself in. Have a wonderful creative every day month, and enjoy the summer.

  3. It looks like you only used a few of the same colors and the end result is completely different so in my opinion it’s fine! I love your painting!

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