String things

I found the idea for this from one of Mary Ann Kohl’s books. You are supposed to use liquid starch but we didn’t have any so we used Elmer’s Glue. I think it worked out ok but I would spend more time placing the string next time. Melody and I each made one. You take string and wrap pieces around an inflated balloon. Then you add the liquid starch or glue to harden the form of the string into a circle. We let that dry and then painted our string a little bit. After that dried I popped the balloons and we hung them up. They remind me of a bee’s nest or those twig balls you can buy for decoration.


4 thoughts on “String things

  1. These look like a great project. I did use that liquid starch when my son was a cub scout, but it is notpermanent, so the glue would make the string really stay. Fun results.

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