Here’s what I am not doing

I am waiting to do a few more paintings after my Dad cuts some additional wood panels for me. There are several canvases that I never finished which I am trying to this week. We are also trying to redo our kitchen floor. It was supposed to be done Monday. It’s Wednesday and we found out that the subflooring should come up so now we have to pry and hammer the hell out of the screws in the subfloor to get it to come up. We are having out of town guests Sunday and then in September all my in laws are coming for a week.Our kitchen is the same size or smaller than most apartment kitchens so fortunately it’s not going to take too long. Oh and my husband couldn’t find the safety goggles so he had to use a snorkeling mask!

The first painting was started 7 months ago or more I don’t remember.

The painted papers were done last week and are small but they were just to use up the leftover paint one day.

The melon-hued canvas is the start to a painting I plan to finish next week. Let’s plan on that.

By the first week of August I also hope to finish a coloring book to sell at Art in the Heart in Vancouver (WA) and in my Etsy shop. There are two other pieces I have in mind to go with the Asian collage painting I did recently too. Hope you are staying cool where you are. Here it went from 59 to 99 in two days.






One thought on “Here’s what I am not doing

  1. Been there, done that to the whole house. We had to redo all our floors and had to fudge a 1 3/4" deflection acrossthe whole house. Fun, Fun! I like your trees, they are a strong image on that piece. Good luck getting the floor done!

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