What a mix



On one of the newsletters  I subscribe to there was a link to an artist who had a great idea I will share with you later. I really like this post about his schedule though.


There haven’t been frogs in our area the past year. I think they went somewhere else and established themselves. Melody found one in a garbage container for like pots and stuff from the backyard the other day. We put water, a rock and some plants in a tupperware container and kept it for a few hours so they could look at it. Then we let it go before bedtime. 

The second photo is of Venus taken on fourth of July this year. I just used my point and shoot camera (has a little zoom on it). You can see Venus very easily in the sky this time of year or this year. I want to learn more about astrological things but I am often busy learning about something else or cleaning up after a child or letting the dog out, cooking, cleaning, errands, etc. Our neighbor has a telescope and knows quite a bit about the constellations. If I learn anything great I will let you know. Since all of us are interested in the stars and planets I am thinking we may get a telescope for a family gift for Yule this year. It’s between that and a teepee and honestly the teepee is more expensive!

Melody has been fishing three times and we had yet to catch anything. My Dad found out about a place out near Mt. Hood and so we took the girls there today to fish. Melody caught two right away and then did the net job which was more exciting I guess. I don’t know how my little vegetarian ended up being a meat eating fisherwoman but you go with their interests.The large one I caught was 18 inches long. We ate two for dinner and I froze two of the other ones for later. Melody enjoyed eating them and liked the smaller one better. It had more white meat and the larger ones were more like salmon with pink flesh. Sorry if I am grossing anyone out.

On to something else…

While I was chatting with people on Journal Girl’s (Kira) show on Tuesday evening someone showed me this link to a colored pencil world of wonder. I went back to look at it again and was reasoning with myself as to why or why not I should subscribe to receive 500 colored pencils over 20 months. I think it works out to 30.00 a month plus the organizer to display the pencils which is the real appeal in my mind. I also enjoy the names they give the pencils like Mermaid’s Gown or Pumpkin Pudding. What if they smelled too? Then I would have to get them. Melody has some colored pencils with scent and there are some other ones at the independent toy store called smencils and I want to get the rootbeer one of those. 😉




One thought on “What a mix

  1. I can't imagine anyone who needs that many colored pencil colors! Absolutely crazy. It does look pretty. I even have some pretty large sets of over twenty pencils–but 500?!

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