I maybe shouldn’t have done that title in the last post. I love my family and all the crazy days but sometimes I wish I could have three hours of time for me to finish things. It won’t be like this forever and I will look back and wonder where the time went.

Recent photos and then an art journalesque page in my Moleskine.




3 thoughts on “Time

  1. All parents, wives, mothers, daughters, everyone has those days. It’s what makes us human and our kids need to see that too! I always tried not to sweat the small stuff with my son, but when I acted cranky I apologized to him. Glad you are human and creative too!

  2. I have the same feelings (this post, and the previous). All summer I’ve been wandering between filling their days with wondrous things, and begging them to give me just two hours to do something with my art and not play with them. It is tough!

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